Free shipping to the peninsula on purchases from €80.00!

Free shipping to the peninsula on purchases from €80.00!

About Van-Dos

Fashion, elegance and design

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We open again the spring campaign 2022

VAN-DOS takes care of both the essence that surrounds the brand and the product in detail. Thanks to an independent team, exclusive designs are developed, fabrics are innovated and their own prints are developed each season.

We cover all ranges, from romantic to sport

At VAN-DOS we have adapted to a new way of dressing where recycled and breathable, comfortable and washable fabrics prevail and a turn towards practicality and versatility, garments that can be worn both at home and on the street. Thus, this year we have focused on bottoms and we have given importance to very wearable sports dresses and pants and given relevance to knitwear and highly combinable tops.

A very versatile collection

We have mixed several materials in the same garment: poplin sleeves with cotton, fur and nylon bodies in the same parka, pockets and details in changes of fabric to give richness to a new VAN-DOS collection that we hope you like because as every year but this more than ever, we try to adapt to the current moment

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